Dimcogray Knobs

Dimcogray has a complete focus on knobs & handles. An astonishing product offering with all kind of types, shapes and sizes. Over 2500 standard products exists.


  • Over 170 styles and shapes
  • Ball dimco gray knobs
  • Push pull-lift dimco gray knobs
  • Oval & Tapered dimco gray knobs
  • Fluted Torque Dimco gray knobs
  • Tapered Handles
  • Knurled Clamping Dimco gray knobs
  • T Handle Dimco gray knobs/wingnuts
  • Three Prong Dimco gray knobs
  • Four Prong Dimco gray knobs


Dimcogray Ball/Oval KnobsDimcogray Fluted KnobsDimcogray Instrument KnobsDimcogray Knurled Knobs


Dimcogray Lobed KnobsDimcogray Pronged KnobsDimcogray Push/Pull KnobsDimcogray Soft Feel Knobs

Dimcogray Tapered Handle KnobsDimcogray Tapered Knob KnobsDimcogray T-handle/Wingnut knobsDimcogray Thru Hole knobs