Horizontal Holding Down Action Clamps

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clamps 

Horizontal Hold Down Action (H - Series)


The Holding Action in these types of Toggle Clamps is the same as VTC-Series Clamps.

The outstanding characteristic is the low height design.

The handle & the clamping bar of the H-Series move in opposite direction.

The Holding capacities ranges upto 1,000 Kgs.

The Clamping arm can be solid bar, U shaped or fixed hole type



Applications of Steelsmith Clamps

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Vertical holding clamps Flanged

 Horizontal Holding Clamps Flanged Base

Heavy Duty 

Fixed Spindle

Safe Series


Solid Bar

Front Handle

ALL Black U-Bar



Vertical holding clamps Straight Base

 Horizontal Holding Clamps Straight Base


Safe Series


 ALL Black U-Bar