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Aerospace fasteners exhibit good strength properties at elevated or subzero temperatures.
excellent corrosion or oxidation resistance and light weight.

Fatigue performance requirements are accomplished by our Turnlock range.


Turnlocks provide quick access behind panels.

  • fast opening and closing
  • remains connected
  • no risk of overtightening
temporary fasteners clampberry temporary fastener cly

Temporary fasteners is unique in the aerospace market.

Plunger types or lead thread standard temporary fasteners allow the pre-assembly of all kind of material elements.

Spring loaded or not, they are designed for efficient clamping in rubber sealant or resin applications.

All references of temporary fasteners begin with: CLY-

Flightpin Flightpin

Flightpin is a product range of Ball lock pins. All ball lock pins of the Flightpin range are made according to aviation norms.
The products that are offered are according to the following norms:


Do you offer aluminium hinges latches and handles?

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AES Titanium AES Titanium

AES Titanium





Actron Latches

Aerospace latches

If you are not able to find a suiting aerospace solution within our brands, please contact us for more information. Camloc aerospace fasteners offer a reliable fastening solution for your application. Camloc is a registered brand name of Howmet Aerospace. The quick opening feature of Camloc’s aerospace latches, helps to keep down-time and maintenance costs to a minimum. Camloc fasteners are available in various tensile strength classes. Anemo engineering has the largest stock of Camloc fasteners in Europe.