Quick (dis)-Connect Panels


  • High shear strength and clamping force
  • No need for receptacle


TurnLock Quarter Turn


Turnlock provide quick access behind panels.

  • fast opening and closing
  • remains connected
  • no risk of overtightening


Reduce Changeover Time

SpanClamps are products that are gentle to people and superior in Safety and

In Order to produce many types of small quantities efficiently, and to increase productivity, a standard jig can flexibly
deal with a variety of workpieces is indispensable.

Smart Block Pins

Smart Block Pins

are a versatile tool as they can be used in many applications such as fastening and alignment of panels. The Smart feature is that the fastening balls will not retract until the button is pressed. The shanks can be made in stainless steel 17-4PH and 1.4057. The buttons in Anodised blue and handles in black aluminium (anodised black)

If you are not able to find a suiting quarter turn solution within our brands, please contact us for more information on custom solutionsCamloc quarter turn fasteners offer a reliable fastening solution for your application. Camloc is a registered brand name of Howmet Aerospace. The quick opening feature of Camloc’s quarter-turns, helps to keep down-time and maintenance costs to a minimum. Camloc quarter turns are available in various tensile strength classes. Anemo engineering has the largest stock of Camloc quarter turns in Europe. IMAO quarter turn fasteners offer besides high tensile strength also an increased shear strength. Anemo Engineering recently became distributor for IMAO. Adam & Eve Fasteners are a wide range of different quarter turn fasteners offered by Anemo Engineering. The Adam & Eve Fasteners offer different quarter turn solutions than the other brands. Alternative of kipp Part Numbers and locking pins can be supply also from Anemo.