TurnLock Light Duty

Light Duty TurnLocks

The Light Duty Series are the smallest TurnLock. Their application are electrical appliances, switchboards and small machinary.

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LEA : Light Duty Easy Assembly TurnLock

This serie has multiple head styles.

It is possible to install these series with either a rentaining washer or grommet

LEG : Light Duty Extended Grip TurnLock

This serie has a higher grip range

You can install this LEG-series with a larger panel thickness before switching to a part with a higher stud length.


LMH : Light Duty Miniature Housed TurnLock

This serie is the tiniest series we have.

The LMH-series has a plastic washer on the stud to protect decorative surfaces

LPT : Light Duty Push Turn TurnLock

This serie is an easy and economic clip-in installation for the stud and the receptacle.

This fastener is a small size, it is used in electrical engineering and electronics.



LPTEG : Light Duty Push Turn Extended GripTurnLock

This serie is a wide grip range, Tool operated, Fast Installation of snap-in spring receptacle.

No Tools Required for the installation of the stud and the washer


LOPMB : Light Duty One Piece Modular Bar TurnLock

This serie is custom tailored to your applications.

This fastener fastens panels in electrical switch cabinets to modular bars.

LOPHS : Light Duty One Piece Hole Shape TurnLock

This serie has the same hole for panel and frame.

It's possible to install these series without tools.

LOPTL : Light Duty One Piece TurnLock

This serie is described as a Turnlock Captive Panel Latch. 

The parts are a non-corrosive, non-conductive alternative to metal types

LOPFITL : Light Duty One Piece Fast Install TurnLock

This serie is described as panel pins – push or screw to lock rivet to hold two
panels together.

These fasteners are typically used for panel


LOPPTCTL: Light Duty One Piece Push Turn Close TurnLock

Operation by hand installation.

By using the single-hole mounting the installation is very easy.
Assembly absorbs shock and vibration