Jaw Pliers

S-Clamps introduces the all new VG Plier series. This new generation plier series expands the wide portfolio of toggle clamps and clamping equipment’s. Designed and developed for easy, single hand operation, the VG Plier series come as a great aid in tool room and fix Turing applications.

The 11 member strong family of VG Pliers can take on multiple tasks with remarkable ease. Be it delicate wood work or the extreme welding applications. Each plier comes with a spindle assembly which enables the adjustment of pressure. The spring-loaded mechanism provided at one end of the plier ensures quick release at just a touch of finger.

What’s more, with an ever innovative team at the helm of our relentless R & D department, you can always expect newer additions. And If you have a specialized application area, we are equipped to deliver customized design solutions.


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Steel / Zinc plated

VG-3070 - VG-3060-U - VG-8070-C - VG-10764-C - VG-150100-C - VG-80200-C - VG-14075-C - VG-3075 - VG-50125 - VG-5090-OA - VG-95100-OA -