CLL Series J

CLL Series (J) (Imperial):

Miniature Clinserts are used in Electronic and Aerospace Applications, where the size and the strength  are critical.

Their Pull-Out strength exceeds the tensile strength of most Military Standard Screws.

These Inserts may be installed in a Material Sheet as thin as 1/6", providing protrusion of the insert is not objectionable.

The Mini Clinserts (Imperial) product code starts with CLL.

The range of these Clinserts is from 0 up to 8, each of these sizes are available in standard threads as in fine threads.

These part numbers are according to Military Specs

Standard Type "S"

Class 5H
Drill Part #Shear Engage mm²Countersink Tool Part #G MinTapping Hole
Through             Blind
Installation Tool Part no
CLL0256J2-56” UNCJ-3BD01340,0157 (10,1)CSK01668-32    UNC-2B0,140 (3,56)TTI0134TBI0134CLLT02
CLL0440J4-40” UNCJ-3BD01610,0302 (19,5)CSK01949-32    UNF-2B0,160 (4,06)TTI0161TBI0161CLLT04
CLL0632J6-32” UNCJ-3BD01870,0329 (21,2)CSK022012-28   UNF-2B0,160 (4,06)TTI0187TBI0187CLLT06
CLL0832J8-32” UNCJ-3BD02280,0669 (43,2)CSK0255¼-28    UNF-2B0,210 (5,33)TTI0228TBI0228CLLT08

Locking Type "L"

CLLL0440J4-40” UNCJ-3BD01610,0302 (19,5)CSK01949-32    UNF-2B0,160 (4,06)TTI0161TBI0161CLLT04
CLLL0632J6-32” UNCJ-3BD01870,0329 (21,2)CSK022012-28   UNF-2B0,160 (4,06)TTI0187TBI0187CLLT06
CLLL0832J8-32” UNCJ-3BD02280,0669 (43,2)CSK0255¼-28    UNF-2B0,210 (5,33)TTI0228TBI0228CLLT06