Camloc Tension Latches - 46L14-3AA

Camloc Tension Latches - 46L14-3AA
Camloc heavy duty adjustable latch

The part 46L14-3AAhas a very long lead time up to 42 weeks. We strongly recommend to switch to the stock available alternative




Properties of 46L14-3AAMaterial grade of 46L14-3AASteel / zinc-plated
Material grade of lever of 46L14-3AASteel / cadmium plated
Maximum tensile strength of 46L14-3AA1000 lbs
Maximum working load of 46L14-3AA650 lbs


technical 46L14-3AA
Mounting details of 46L14-3AAMounting type of 46L14-3AAHoles for riveting or screw fixingMounting hole diameter D of 46L14-3AA.265 - .271Mounting hole distance L of 46L14-3AA.996 - 1.004

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