Auto-Lok Nuts - Double Slotted nuts - ALNd

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ALND-Double Slotted ALNdM

ALND- Double Soltted

Self Locking Nuts

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  • Designed for Aircraft application and Commercial use

  • Can be assembled with the locking element leading onto the male thread

  • Lower prevalling torquethan industrial type

  • Higher re-use factor than industrial type

  • Unaffected by chemicals or temperature

  • Iso Coarse, UNF, UNC, BA, BSF, and BSW threads

  • 4mm to48mm, 40-40(6BA) to 2in

ALND-Double Slotted ALNdM

Class 8

ALND-Double Slotted ALNd


ALND-Double Slotted ALNd

Class A2

ALND-Double Slotted ALNd

Class A4




 these nuts are also called turret nuts