Joining Lock Nuts

Joining Lock nut self-locking nuts, are nuts which are slotted.

A slot has been cut across the width, after which a predefined force has been used to close the slot slightly.
When installing the nut, the slot will open again to allow full install of the nut over the full length of the thread. As the slot will want to close again due to the applied stress, the nut locks itself in position.

There are 2 different kind of slotted versions:
- single slotted
- double slotted
The double slotted Joining lock nuts are also available in Imperial sizes

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Joining Lock Nut - JLd


Double slotted nuts


 Joining lock nut - JLs


Single slotted nuts H=D


 Joining lock nut - JLsh


Single slotted nuts H=1.3D


Joining lock nut - JLsl


Single slotted nuts H=0.8D


Joining Lock Nut - JLdw


Double slotted nut with washer