AKKWA save water for the planet


AKKWA is a product that needs to be spread 5 times per year on the plant. 
When doing this, the plant needs 70% less water to grow and is protected against draught

other advantages: bigger plants & fruits + protection against deseases.


try it yourself on a test field in your area!


Anemo Engineering is the sole distributor of this product.

Anemo can provide you ex-works, Belgium: a test kit for 80 euros to be used on a test field of 20m²


AKKWA is a miniral fertilizer designed for optimal plant protection and resistance against hydric stress. It is mainly composed of nano-micronised Calcite (CaCO3) , supplements by small amounts of volcanic dust and traces.

The basic material is rich in minerals (Calcium, Magnesium carbonate, silica and iron) as well as spur elements that trigger specific enzyme reactions within the plant.


boost the immune system of your plant & crops and enjoy your bigger ROI


The product has gone through 15 years of testing and engineering.

The only way we sell this product is if you do yourself a test, please do share the results with us too.

once convinced: we can quote you according to your requirements.  At this moment we have a production capacity of 30 ton per year that can be used for.

you need only 15kg/10000m² as you dissolve yourself the product into water in order to spread it.

we advise preferably the use of rain water, if this is not available, please use filtered drinking water to dissolve the product.


a test kit to be used on a test field of 20m² to be applied 5 times.

Ex-works, off factory Price                                             120€

CPT price, worldwide free delivery                              140€

Part Number AKTK20W1            AKKWA TEST KIT

Credit card fee = +5%


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