How much force until the tension bolt 2383HT01-04-2AY breaks?

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We use grommet P/N 2383GF14-01BP and have had much trouble with the installation of the grommet.

In order to properly swage the grommet we found that a higher torque than recommended is required, which causes the tension bolt to break.

Recommendations I found for this vary from 3-5 Nm, however, the swaging does not happen with anything under about 6.8 Nm.

Do you have any advice as to why the additional torque is required or how to keep the tension bolt from breaking? 



The tool 2383HT01-1AY is being used to swage the grommet 2383GF14-01BP.

In order to create the proper tension to swage the grommet, the tension bolt 2383HT01-04-2AY is used to create that tension.

However, this is also the weak point of the tool.

Both the stud and the grommet are installed together in this installation.

The tension bolt is attached onto the stud, however the stud only has a hole diameter of 3-4 mm, which makes it very fragile.

In order to fix this problem, the tool 2383HT03-1 has been developed.

It has a backup mandrel that functions instead of the stud.

Meaning the grommet is installed separately here, which makes it possible for the back up mandrel to have a bigger diameter.

This then results in the tool being stronger since it is thicker, so it won't break as easily.


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