Steelsmith Clamp PAH-CT-0130

Steelsmith Clamp PAH-CT-0130
Spring Load Pull Action Clamp

This Steelsmith Clamp PAH-CT-0130 is a Spring Load Pull Action Clamp


Properties of PAH-CT-0130Material Grade of PAH-CT-0130Steel / zinc-plated
Base type of PAH-CT-0130Flanged base
Holding capacity of PAH-CT-0130500 N



Anemo Engineering is offering Steelsmith Pull action clamp PAH-CT-0130 as factory new

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Dimensions of PAH-CT-0130

L1 80
L2 19
L3 6 - 9
L4 68.5
L5 18.5
L6 13
W1 32
W2 50
W3 50
W4 28
H 18
T 2.0

technical PAH-CT-0130