Camloc Quarter Turn - 5S27-25

Camloc Quarter Turn - 5S27-25
Slotted recess head

This Camloc Quarter Turn part 5S27-25 is a light duty stud. We recommend the use of the following Camloc Quarter Turn retaining washers: V5W3-1AG or 5S3-2. When you require to install large quantities of 5S27-25, we recommend to make use of one of the following grommets: 5S72-5-1AA, 5S72-6-1AA, 5S72-9-1AA or 5S72-11-1AA.




Material grade of 5S27-25Steel / nickel-plated with plastic washer (PA6)Maximum tensile strength of 5S27-25670 NMaximum working load of 5S27-25450 NMaximum working temperature of 5S27-25100 degrees Celsius

Anemo Engineering is offering Camloc Quarter Turn stud 5S27-25 as factory new.

Anemo Engineering can offer you Camloc Quarter Turn stud 5S27-25 with Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Origin on request.

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