Clinserts are used in Alloys, Light Materials, Steel, and Cast Iron to increase the strength of the thread in these materials.
They can be used for thread repair, if the defected thread has to be replaced with the same nominal diameter. Clinserts are standard available in Stainless Steel and have 2 or 4 pre-assembled Clins according to the dimensions. After installation of the Clins into the parent material the assembly is form-closed. No check with a thread gauge according to DIN standard is possible in the area of the Clins.

Due to these Clins Clinserts have a positive lock against rotation and vibration. Clinserts Inserts give high strength joints in low strength materials. Typical applications are transmission housings, electronic equipment, and suspension units.
Clinserts inserts are divided in 3 major families:
- Miniature Clinserts
- Lightweight Clinserts
- Heavy Duty Clinserts

There are always 2 versions available of a Clinserts:
- The standard version.
- The Locking version.

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