Flightpin - Aviation Ball Lock Pins

Flightpins are ball lock pins that are produced according to Aviation norm.

The single acting ball lock pins are considered as standard products.
Through the next pages you can find links of common available Flightpins.
It is possible to have other lengths produced.
When a product is not available, a lead time of 8-10 weeks may apply.

The double acting ball lock pins are also available, however these come with higher production lead times and may not be in supply.

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Single acting pins

Flightpin - Button handle ball lock pin - NASM17984Flightpin - T-handle ball lock pin - NASM17985Flightpin - L-handle ball lock pin - NASM17986Flightpin - Ring handle ball lock pin - NASM17987


Double acting pins - only on request

Flightpin - T-handle double acting ball lock pin - NASM17988  Flightpin - L-handle double acting ball lock pin - NASM17989  Flightpin - Ring handle double acting ball lock pin - NASM17990

Fractional Sizes Double acting ball lock pins - One piece Body

BAB 89 Series


Metric and Fractional Sizes Single acting ball lock pins (6 head styles)

620 series metric625 series inch