One Touch Fasteners

one touch fasteners are of high end and high quality products.  More information can be obtained on the

manufacturer website of one touch fasteners

The products offered are constantly improved to live up to the customers expectations.

The quarter turn solutions of have been developed to offer you besides high tensile strength also a increased shear resistance compared to other quarter turn solutions.

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one touch fasteners offers you several different types of quarter turn solutions:



Quarter-Turn Clamps


Retractable Quarter-Turn Clamps


CAM Receptacles



Heavy Duty Quarter-Turn Clamps


Knob-Locking Clamps


Button-Locking Pins



Indexing Clamps

Button-Locking Receptacles   Pin Holding Clamps  

Idexing Clamps


Heavy Duty shaft coupling


Shaft coupling With safety lock


Position sensor Receptacle