Camloc Heavy Duty Quarter Turns - 4002 Series

Steel / zinc plated studs: max tensile strength 4.700 N; working load 3.100 N
Stainless steel studs: max tensile strength 3.300 N; working load 2.200 N
Small fastener for high tensile load
Large range of stud assemblies with fixed and floating receptacles

Most standard version is the Stainless steel slotted head and the Steel/zinc plated wing head

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D4002-*AGV - Slotted recess head stud - steel/zinc platedD4002-*BP - Slotted recess head stud - stainless steelD40S5-*AGV - Cross recess head stud - steel/zinc platedD40S5-*BP - Cross recess head stud - stainless steel

D4002-*WAGV - Fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc platedD4002-*WBP - Fixed wing head stud - stainless steelD40S47-*AGV - Folding bail handle stud - steel/zinc platedD4002I-*AGV - Sealed slotted recess head stud - steel/zinc plated

D40S5I-*AGV - Sealed cross recess head stud - steel/zinc platedD40E28-*AGV - Hex recess head stud - steel/zinc platedD40E28-*BP - Hex recess head stud - stainless steelD40E22-*AGV - Star form head stud - steel/zinc plated


Plus flush grommetsFlush grommets


Cast receptaclesFloating receptaclesRivet, screw and welding receptacles

Retaining washers, rings and gaskets

Retaining washersRetaining ringsSealing gaskets

Installation tools

4P3-1- - Stud installation toolStud installation toolRetaining ring installation tool

Grommet installation dimensions

D4002 Grommet installation dimensions

Receptacle installation dimensions

D4002 Receptacle installation dimensions