IMAO Button-Locking Pins

Locking pins are a type of fastener that consists of a pin with a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism can be a simple locking clip or a more complex locking sleeve. Locking pins are used to secure materials together, and they’re often used in applications where vibration or movement could cause the materials to come apart.

Locking pins are available in a variety of sizes and materials.

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The Button-Locking Pin secures locking upon releasing button, it has a high holding capacity by wedge.

Stainless Steel type is available.

QCBU Button-locking pin studQCBU-SUS Button-locking pin studQCBUS1012-16 Button-locking pin stud


These receptacles are designed to be threaded into a base with Stainless lock nut or in blind hole installation.
They are made for use with fasteners, pins and lockouts referenced on the table.
Made from 1045 carbon steel with an electroless nickle plating finish.
Lock nuts must be ordered separately.

Ball-lock receptacles

 M12 M16





 IMAO Button-Locking Pins Feature:

The wedge of the locking pin pushesout the ball onto the taper of the receptacle, for clamping of the two plates.

How to use the IMAO Button-locking Pins

1- Insert the pin pressing the button

2- When the button is released, plates are clamped.

3- for removal, pull out the pin pressing the button.

IMAO Button-Locking Pins Application (Example) :