IMAO Knob-Locking Clamps

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The knob-Locking Clamps have a nickel-plated body with a fiberglass knob. The ball and spring are made of stainless steel. These types of fasteners can provide clamping force to 36.8 ft/lbs.

QCWE Knob-locking clamp studQCWE-S Electroless nickel plated Knob-locking clamp studQCWE-SUS Stainless steel Knob-locking clamp stud


Ball-lock receptacles

 M12  M16





IMAO Knob-Locking Clamp Features:

  • The Wedge of the locking pin pushes out the ball onto the taper of the receptacle, for claming of the two plates.


How To Use the IMAO Knob-Locking Clamp?


1- Ensure that the knob is positioned at the "OFF" mark.
2- Insert the Knob-Locking Clamp.
3- Turn the Knob to the "ON" mark for clamping. The Knob turns lightly by spring force.
(For Unclamping follow back these steps).

IMAO Knob-Locking Clamps Application (Example) :