What are the 2017 trends?

1) It will be the breakthrough of Bots

in fact a bot is a kind of computer program that will negotiate for you the best rate or best product you want, in this way you do not have to do it yourself anymore.
you will see this in the far future als with the self driving car, where you will not be anymore liable for an accident, but the car manufacturer.
ps. a bot exists already on your mobile phone, it selects automatically 3G, 4G or wifi,..

2) people will want e-coaches instead of real coaches
an app will change your behaviour as they monitor and motivate you to do so.
time to loose those extra pounds...

3) companies will start chatting more an more
you will integrate chat sessions on your website as they are genuine, authentic : one to one, and it's more and more a way of communicating even in a B2B environment
remember, behind a company are still people, companies will therefore use also emoticons

4) you need to fight guerillia for getting attention
people are so overloaded, that it's a big hurdle to get in the spotlight with your product, invest more in your online presence or you loose your reason of existance.
however don't forget lesson number 1: be authentic!