Why you need to switch to the camloc D4002 series due to California's ROHS law?

We recommend to swith when it's possible to the camloc D4002 series to be compliant with ROHS


RoHS is an acronym for Restriction on the use of certain Hazardous Substances. The concept behindCalifornia’s RoHS Law is to limit the amounts of certain hazardous heavy metals in specific waste electronic devices so that those metals never find their way into landfills or elsewhere, where they can eventually be released into the environment.


They have the same mechanical strength.

They are form fit and completely interchangeable and functional and come also with the same certs.

(and less expensive, and shorter delivery time)


It’s only the plating that is different.

Moving away from Cadmium is more and more a requirement within the industry
it’s even a requirement if you sell your products to California, and probably also other states ; it’s also a requirement when exporting your goods to Europe

You might be confronted with new environmental laws in the state of California. You were used to source cadmium plated parts. We offer a compatible zinc protection which is Chrome VI free. This makes our parts RoHS compliant, a very strong environmental directive

Read also here:



Take care:

Cadmium plated can still be used for critical flight components, where zinc plating is not offering the necessary self-healing effect of cadmium

for a specific customer:

We would recommend the following:



please transition to the new ROHS conform: D214-16FGV (zinc plated)




Still valid and ROHS conform


40G16-100 this is also cadmium plated, and not ROHS conform

If you’re interested we can quote you an ROHS conform one, but need a quantity



ROHS conform

For reduced weight applications, please use the newly developed, plastic/stainless steel floating receptacle

This product is brand new, and might be important to reduce the weight for combat appliances or flight weight reduction requirements

See also: https://anemo.eu/what-are-new-4002-camloc-plastic-receptacles-v244-16ts1-and-v244-16ts1c-made-explain-shims-d40w02






Some new grommets:

Ring retained:


flare retained, stainless and flush



many studs of the 4002 series are now also ROHS conform.



Also less costly stainless steel studs:



and this you must see!

A new tool has been developed to install the retaining washer 4002-SW-SS



We are technical experts in camloc products





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