A286 Clinserts used on auxiliary power unit of a boeing 757

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We operate Boeing 757-200 cargo aircraft in India. For our MRO requirements, I am building an insert repair kit and was looking for the tool kits.

Our Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) engines from Honeywell have the following inserts which would need repair solutions and I was looking through the web for the same.

  1. MS51830-201L Inserts superseded by K9005-3G
  2. MS51830CA202L Inserts superseded by K9001-4G
  3. MS51830-203L Inserts
  4. MS51830CA204L Inserts superseded by K9001-6G  

Do you have a complete kit containing Drills, Taps and manual installation tools for the above? We would like to procure the kit as a whole.

Thanks in advance.

Our answer:

We suggest two types of Clinserts as a solution for this case:

1. CL-A286 Clinserts

2. CLH-A286 Clinsterts

Some more info on an aircraft APU:

The primary purpose of an aircraft APU is to provide the energy for starting the main engines. Turbine engines of aircraft have large heavy rotor blades, which must be boosted to high rotational speed before the compression in the engine is sufficient and the ignition of the fuel can take place. This process requires more energy than can be supplied by a battery of acceptable size. The APU solves this problem by powering the aircraft in two steps. First, the APU is started by an electric motor, which can be started by a battery or by an external power source. After the APU is started, it provides the electrical energy for the aircraft and the pneumatic energy for starting the aircraft engines.

APUs also have other functions. For example, they provide the power for powering the onboard electrical systems before the aircraft takes off. Furthermore, the APU supplies pneumatic pressure to drive the air conditioning systems. Some APUs are also connected to a hydraulic pump so that mechanics and crews can partly control the aircraft without having to start the main engines. This system can also be used as a backup in case the engine fails during a flight.

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