Made in West-Vlaanderen - Our participation to Le Bourget

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Twenty West Flemish companies went as a group to the international aviation fair in Le Bourget (Paris) - June 2023

PARIS - In recent days, some 20 West Flemish companies have travelled in groups to the international and renowned aviation fair in Le Bourget, near Paris. Le Bourget is considered the mecca for all things aviation. A number of West Flemish companies are counting on supply contracts. The visit of the West Flemish companies was part of the 'Gateway to Europe' process. 'West Flanders, gateway to Europe' is a unique partnership to draw attention to the know-how of West Flemish companies. Voka West Flanders, POM West Flanders, Flanders Investment & Trade, TUA West and Unizo West Flanders are the driving forces behind the concept.

On Monday, June 19, the Paris Air Show took place at Le Bourget in Paris. The air show is considered the most prominent event in the world for companies in the aerospace industry with international ambition. During a group business trip, about 20 West Flemish entrepreneurs were able to attend the event itself and the associated fair and discover the business opportunities for their company. This year's exhibition draws attention to eVTOL/unmanned systems as emerging technology. The moment to delve into this and network with other companies at the Belgian Aerospace Pavilion, in which 27 exhibitors participated, including a number of start-ups. "During the visit, we were fully convinced of the potential of the Flemish companies active in this industry," said co-organizers of the one-day mission Voka and POM.

The fair for Flemish companies was opened by Jan Jambon, Joy Donné (FIT) and Jolyce Demely (Agoria).

Top homegrown technology

One of the West Flemish companies was Anemo Engineering of CEO and owner Bart Vandezande. Since 2004, the SME has been supplying fasteners worldwide to various sectors, such as the space and aviation industries. In all those years, Anemo Engineering has already been able to write a number of resounding names as customers on their record, such as Boeing and SpaceX. 

At Le Bourget, Vandezande showcased, among other things, top technology from its own West Flemish soil. His latest invention is called Turn-Grip. This is a new product that combines shear strength, clamping and tensioning force, forces that a panel fastening has to deal with. With this patented and innovative component, Anemo can be of great service to aviation but also to other sectors.

- Written by journalist Karel Cambien

Source: Twintig West-Vlaamse bedrijven trokken in groep naar internationale luchtvaartbeurs in Le Bourget (Parijs) - Made in (