Camloc Quarter Turns

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Camloc Quarter Turns list

Camloc quarter-turns offer a reliable fastening solution.
The quick opening feature of Camloc’s quarter-turns, helps to keep down-time and maintenance costs to a minimum.

In comparison to conventional screws, Camloc quarter-turns offer clear benefits to the customer
- quick opening and closing feature
- fastener remains connected: no need to store, or potentially misplace, fastening components
- fixed exact end-point which ensures that over tightening does not occur.

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The Camloc quarter-turns can be divided in 3 categories according to their performance strength:

Camloc Heavy Duty Quarter Turns The heavy duty quarter turn series are the strongest quarter turns available in the Camloc quarter turns product range. Heavy duty quarter turns are commonly used for applications from the heavy industry, automotive, automatisation,... There are 3 different series in the heavy duty quarter range, each offering you distinct properties.


Camloc Medium Duty Quarter Turns The medium duty quarter turns series have a lower tensile strenght and workload value than the heavy duty series. Medium duty quarter turns are commonly used for aircraft interiors, light machinery and appliances. In total Camloc is able to offer you 7 medium duty quarter turn series.


Camloc Light Duty Quarter Turns The light duty quarter turns series are the smallest quarter turn solutions offer from Camloc. Light duty quarter turns are commonly used in electrical appliances, switchboards and small machinery. There are 6 light duty quarter turn series.


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