Camloc Heavy Duty Quarter Turns

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The Camloc heavy duty quarter-turns can be divided in 3 categories:

991F Series The 991F series is the strongest quarter turn solution offered from Camloc. It can withstand a tensile strength up to 10.000N and can carry a work load of 7.000N. Because of this high values the 991F Camloc quarter turn fasteners are typically used on commercial vehicles, coaches, chemical machinery, agricultural machinery...


4002 Series The 4002 Series is a strong quarter turn solution offered from Camloc. The 4002 Series offers a small fastener with high tensile load which makes it highly desirable to be used on racing vehicles. The 4002 Series also offeres you the possibility of a floating receptacle, which allows you some deflection space for assembly.


717F series The 717F Series offers you a very robust quarter turn solution from Camloc. The 717F series studs have a larger grip range than the studs of the other heavy duty series. This offers you the possibility to use the stud in different situations, without the need to change the stud length. The 717F quarter turns are closed by push and opened by a quarter turn.

 look here to the explanation of the full range of camloc quarter turns:


Camloc is a registered brand name from ARCONIC