Camloc Light Duty Quarter Turns - 50F 900N Series

Max tensile strength 900 N; working load 650 N
Stud assembly incorporates a plastic protection washer
Snap-in or clip-on spring loaded receptacle
Snap-in grommet for quick stud installation without washer

Most standard version is the slotted recess head and the wing head studs in steel/zinc plating

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50E21-*AGV - Slotted recess head stud - steel/zinc plated50E21-*S - Slotted recess head stud - stainless steel50E21-*WAGV - Fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc plated50E21-*WS - Fixed wing head stud - stainless steel

50E21-*W0AGV - Offset fixed wing head stud - steel/zinc plated50E18-*AGV - Folding bail handle stud - steel/zinc plated50E60-*AGV - Hex recess head stud - steel/zinc plated50E80-*AGV - Plastic star form head stud - steel/zinc plated

50E80-*CP - Plastic star form head stud - stainless steel50E82-*AGV - Plastic wing head stud - steel/zinc plated50E82-*CP - Plastic wing head stud - stainless steel50E70-*AGV - Cross recess head stud - steel/zinc plated

50E90-*AGV - Hex head slotted recess stud - steel/zinc plated

Receptacles / Washers / Grommets

50E20-* - Snap-in receptacleV50R4-* - Clip-on receptacleRetaining washersGrommets

Stud installation dimensions

50F 900N Stud installation dimensions

Receptacle installation dimensions

50F 900N Receptacle installation dimensions


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