Sistema de fijación y sujeción Turn-Grip

In search of an effective fixing system for joining thin plates, Anemo engineering has developed a new product that combines shear resistance, clamping force and tension, which occur during fixing to panels.
What is closed and still accessible? Can you imagine that electrical cables would be visible on a train? Or suppose you take directly the bottom of a plane? Not only dangerous, but also aesthetically unappealing. For safety, it must be closed, but still accessible for maintenance, replacement or cleaning. That is why many things are protected with boards.
And it is precisely the small parts from Anemo Engineering that ensure that these panels can be assembled and dismantled easily and quickly. A niche market in which each sector and company uses different panels, resulting in thousands of types of fasteners.
With customers in various industries, from aerospace to textiles, they often have to deal with designing panels that do not offer space to assemble a receptacle. They also want to avoid holes and operations in the panel as much as possible and reduce the chances of breakage. Ordering the receptacle separately is often not possible.
The twist grip is one piece and no longer requires a receptacle, only one piece is needed, the button itself. It immediately becomes the receptacle.
The innovation in this fastener results in a force perpendicular to the plate by applying a twist, until a click can be heard, so that the closure remains firm in case of vibrations.
Also the plates are not exact, it usually comes with +/- 5% thickness tolerance, add galvanizing or painting and you will soon have problems. The Turn-Grip is a tolerance eater.
Anemo Engineering is recruiting distributors for Turn-Grip worldwide