IMAO Quarter turns

IMAO is a Japanese brand of high end and high quality products.
The products offered by IMAO are constantly improved to live up to the customers expectations.

The quarter turn solutions of IMAO have been developed to offer you besides high tensile strength also a increased shear resistance compared to other quarter turn solutions.

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IMAO offers you several different types of quarter turn solutions:
- Knob head quarter turns with indication of locking position
- Button ball locking systems
- Magnet locking mechanisms
- Sliding mechanisms for slotted bars or square bars

Imao Quarter-Turn Clamps

IMAO Quarter-Turn Clamps


Imao Knob-Locking Clamps

IMAO Knob-Locking Clamps


Imao Button-Locking Pins

IMAO Button-Locking Pins


Imao Quarter-Turn Pin Holding Clamps

IMAO Quarter-Turn Pin Holding Clamps


Imao Snap-In Clamps

IMAO Snap-In Clamps


Imao Hole Holding Clamps QCHC

IMAO Hole Holding Clamps


Imao Ball-Lock Clamping Pins

IMAO Ball-Lock Clamping Pins


Imao Magnet-Lock Clamping Pins

IMAO Magnet-Lock Clamping Pins


Imao Shaft Coupling Clamp QCSJ

IMAO Shaft Coupling Clamp


Imao Sliding Lock for Slotted Hole

IMAO Sliding Lock for Slotted Hole